One WellServed application, many opportunities for your business.

WellServed is a mobile application that offers the most advanced technological solutions for HoReCa networks.

WellServed contains the emenu and allows you to place orders to the table in the restaurant,

hotel room, poolside lounger or a seat on the train.

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Hotel, room
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Bistro, Bar
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Stadion, Event
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Hotel, pool

Our services

WellServed is a product dedicated to the owners of restaurants, hotels and catering groups.

Our goal is to provide your clients with the best experience while using the service offered by WellServed.


WellServed for restaurants

is a way to increase the comfort of your guests and the speed of services. The application allows you to place orders at any time while staying in the premises, entering comments and recalling the service by means of the builtin pager, without having to wait for the waiter. You can also receive order via app and prepare it for pick-up.

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WellServed in hotels

is an ideal solution for those who appreciate comfort. The application allows you to order a hotel room, a restaurant table, or a poolside lounger. From now on, in a simple and fast way guests can order their favourite dishes using their smartphones.

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WellServed in trains

is the first solution that offers ordering in motion. Train passengers can place an order using an application in their smartphones, entering the compartment and the seat number. After that the service will deliver the ordered items to the designated location.

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WellServed and catering services

WellServed will work perfectly as a support for catering groups. With our application the customer service provided during sport or cultural events at arenas or clubs is much easier. From now in a simple and fast way you can order with your smartphone. Write to us and we will prepare an individual offer for You.

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How does the application work

The application is based on the technology of the popular "cloud", which enables the collection of all of the data sent by WellServed on the server, while providing permanent online access to the stored content. WellServed service connects to the user's mobile device, which usually is a smartphone, and at the time of ordering transmits and processes the collected data to the control unit (tablet or laptop), providing the access to the details of the placed order and users' verification.

WellServed offers You:

  • Unlimited number of orders thanks to the application
  • Multilingual menu
  • Reporting and running statistics
  • Geo-location
  • Operation safety
  • Monitoring and assistance 24/7

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Values for Your business

In WellServed we change for You, offering innovative solutions for our customers and users. Check the value of our services and see what you can gain with us.

Increase in sales

With WellServed you can increase the speed of table rotation even up to 20%. Electronic system of placing orders means their faster implementation and shorter time of waiting by the guests. The ease of using the application increases the value of the account in the premises.

Photos and extended descriptions

For 70% of visitors, the appearance of the dish shows the attractiveness of the menu. Customers are more likely to order dishes if they know exactly what they are ordering and how the selected dish presents itself visually. Let your guests feel comfortable and stand out in comparison with the competition.

Flexible changes to the menu

Our service enables making changes to the menu on a daily basis, without having to reprint it. For the restaurant it means a chance to test new dishes and monitor the attractiveness of the menu for the application users.


Let your guests determine the pace of ordering and save time on the way to Your restaurant. Nowadays, the final pickup of the ready order is now a standard. It is the perfect way for Your business to gain new customers and reward loyal guests.

The ease of implementation

To start WellServed service for Your business, You only need a tablet or a laptop as a panel that supports the ordering. We do not charge any activation fee! Familiarizing the employees with WellServed system takes only 30 minutes. Currently it is the fastest way of introducing a new quality.


We care about Your profits, so every month we prepare an accurate report of WellServed service on your premises. Compare the statistics, personalize offers and see that with us you can only benefit.


  • "Thanks to WellServed application I save a lot of my time during my short lunch break. I always have my moblie phone with me, so the moment I walk into the restaurant I order the meal to my favorite table by a smartphone."

    Marcin Wierzbicky, Social Media Manager at Business Link

  • "Thanks to the latest technologies we can order the selected meal by a smartphone in every convenient moment or place. It is the first mobile application that provides such service in Poland."

    Maximilian Kuśmierek, The President of the Board of WellServed.

  • "WellServed application is an ideal solution on my premises. The application facilitates the work of the waiters and the guests are happy with the fact that do not have to stand in line at the bar."

    Piotr Szewczuk, the Landlord of the Black Sheep

  • "We hope that the new technological solution offered by us will increase the travel comfort. MWars application allows the passenger to place orders without having to leave the compartment."

    Paweł Dudek, The President of the Board of CEO WARS S.A.

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Restaurant cars, WARS

Restaurant cars, WARS


Do you have a question? All right. We have the answers!

What is the process of the introduction of the application to my business?

It's very easy! Write us a message and we will together create the best offer for Your business. Technically, the only thing that you need is a tablet or a laptop and 30 minutes of free time in order to familiarize yourself with how the application and control panel work. It takes exactly 30 minutes to introduce WellServed to your premises. You will get from us all the necessary materials as well as the support of the consultants.

Is the application compatible with the POS system?

At this time no. However, the integration with POS is not necessary. With the ability to use different operating schemes, the presence of tablet in the process of serving the customers may be transparent. Additional orders will compensate inconveniences in connection with several activities carried out during the process of or servicing the orders. Talks on the integration of POS systems with WellSERVED are already underway.

My restaurant does not have pictures of the offered meals. Does it pose a problem while running the service?

The pictures and accurate description of meals are one of the most important assets of the application, according to our users. Take care of them today. You can hire a professional photographer or make the pictures by yourself. Nowadays, mobile phones have advanced cameras, add new pictures to your gallery on a regular basis.

Is the process of ordering food constant for every restaurant or is it possible to customize it to my needs?

We approach each client individually and try to create such a scheme of placing orders to make it possibly the best adapted to the specifics of Your business. We have prepared some fixed versions of the process of serving the guests by means of a panel, but we are open to dialogue and cooperation.

I do not want the personnel to see all of the statistics. Can it be separated?

Of course! We care about the confidentiality of your data, so we have prepared a separate panel for the personnel and a separate one for the manager. The waiters have the ability to service the orders, turn off the items from the menu that are not up to date, and open/close the restaurant. While on the manager panel you can view the statistics, modify the menu and manage the application in the restaurant.

In case of delays in the preparation of the order, is it possible for the customer to cancel it?

Of course, the application is prepared for such events. The service can send the appropriate messages for the application users informing them about the possibility of delay in their order. To confirm that the user has read the message, he must send a response message and accept or cancel the order.

WellServed package

WellServed is an application that earns on itself.

We guarantee the profitability of the implementation.

We only charge a monthly fee ­ 5% value of completed orders

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